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Exposing the Truth Behind the Lies of Real Estate Investing

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Just Some Of What You Will Learn In This Book

This is the one book that investors will tell you "I wish I had this before I started!"

  • Chapter 1

    In order to really succeed do you have to have a Real Estate License?  What about being a broker?

  • Chapter 2

    How can you expect to grow your net worth?  Can I get rich quick with Real Estate?

  • Chapter 3

    What role do mentors, books, and “gurus” play in my education.  Where and how to get the right training and knowledge.

  • Chapter 4

    When to know if a deal just ‘feels right’ and how to know for sure. When to look and when to leap.

  • Chapter 5

    Learn when to swing your own hammer and when to hire a handyman.

  • Chapter 6

    Business systems, investing systems and how to increase profit on every deal.

... and that is just a glimpse into this book!

I've Made It As Easy As Possible

I’ve removed the roadblocks for you by exposing the myths that hinder most new real estate investors. And even better, you don’t even have to wait for the book in the mail. You can start learning right now by getting the online version right now.

I have every book and course Sharon has created. The information she teaches sets me apart in this business and leads me to success.

- Richard H.

I learned so much that would have hindered me as a new investor and saved thousands because I was exposed to the truth.

- Gabe C.


If you’ve been wanting to invest in real estate but needed a guide, then wait no longer. You can start right now by learning the truth behind the lies of real estate investing. You can truly invest in real estate ANYWERE in the country and do it successfully. The only thing stopping you is the right knowledge and education. What you don’t know can hurt you so learn from the mistakes of others before they become yours too.

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