Profit from the RED HOT Real Estate Market — Even With Zero Experience

Have you always wanted to get into real estate investing and house flipping, but thought you never had the time or money?

We have the coursework and training you need to start investing in properties, flipping them — then turning HUGE profits. Even if you want to retire rich with rental properties, we can show you how to do it based on decades of experience.




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Why Palm Beach Flippers?

"Sharon Restrepo is a straight-shooter who knows how to make money in South Florida real estate."


Sharon Restrepo has been involved in S. Florida real estate for more than 20 years.

I'm Sharon Restrepo, host of Palm Beach Flippers. I'm a real estate investor, author, speaker, and mentor.

I’m looking to help people who are interested in becoming real estate investors by doing things the right way. The proven way. The safe way that utilize formulas and systems for success.

We know that just the thought of buying and selling an investment property can be stressful and overwhelming. How do you find a good deal and how do you KNOW that it is a good deal?

We can show you with real HONEST stories, training, and advice that you can apply on your own!

What makes us different is we know exactly how to make this stressful, time consuming, and overwhelming process as as easy for you as possible. We can actually make it an enjoyable.. or even a fun process. You can do this Real Estate business ANYWHERE in the country. We can help you whether you are wholesaling, flipping, or buying and holding income properties for passive income purposes.


Make money as a Real Estate Investor

Your path to financial freedom starts here.

Over the past 25 years my team and I have bought and sold thousands of properties. We really know what we are doing and we know how to help people become successful real estate investors.

Let Us Show You How to Invest
in Real Estate


You Can TRUST South Florida's Best Real Estate Investors: Palm Beach Flippers

Our passion is in flipping homes. There is nothing better than taking an ugly home and turning it into a beautiful one.

Plus, we love making a deal — whether we're buying, selling, fixing, renting, or managing it. Let us show you our secrets to success.

Palm Beach Flippers has the staff, procedures, attorneys, and contractors in place to ensure your investment property is protected and in good hands.

Learn the Secrets to Success

TV Shows make it look so easy, but house flipping is a lot harder than it looks. Let Sharon Restrepo of Palm Beach Flippers teach you how to work through the challenges of real estate investing so that you, too, can have success.


Where Do I Start?

Without the right information, house flipping and real estatement can be a perilous process. Let Palm Beach Flippers teach you how to flip houses for fun or profit.


Understanding the math is the #1 most important trait in a successful flip, because the math determines how much you should pay, how much you should put into it, and how much you expect to get out.


You want to flip houses that people want to buy – so what kind of homes are they buying, and where? Be prepared to analyze dozens of deals before you submit a single offer.


Outline projects needed for rehab, then hire a contractor to see the work through. Your contractor should be ready to get in on day one and knock out the tasks needed to get the property ready to re-sell.


List the home for a competitive price. Negotiate for a fair price. Close on the sale, pay taxes, and CELEBRATE your hard work.

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